Intramural Sports

Tulane Campus Recreation’s intramural offerings provide exercise and fun in a relaxed, yet structured environment. We offer two full seasons of team leagues and a series of one-day and weekend tournaments.

Form a team with friends, classmates, or sign up as a free agent.

Team League Sports

Campus Recreation offers both recreational and competitive leagues, so you have the chance to play your way. Registration begins the first day of classes each fall and spring semester.

Common league sports that play every year include:

  • 3v3 Basketball
  • 5v5 Basketball 
  • 8v8 Outdoor Soccer
  • 4v4 Sand Volleyball
  • 6v6 Indoor Volleyball
  • 4v4 Flag Football
  • 10v10 Softball
  • 6v6 Dodgeball
One-Day Tournaments

Intramural Sports offers a weekly series of one-day and weekend tournaments throughout the year, including:

  • 3v3 Soccer
  • Tennis (Singles and Doubles)
  • Pickleball (Singles)
  • Punt, Pass, & Kick
  • Spelling Bee
  • Spikeball
E-Sports & Social Gaming

Looking for the chance to compete in your some of your favorite games? We've got a number of individual and team-based gaming leagues set up, including Rocket League, FIFA, Smash Bros., and more! Head to Mission Control and search for our Tulane University Intramurals organization!

Just looking for some informal gaming? Want to play with some fellow Tulanians? We've got you covered! This Discord server is the place to connect with fellow gamers of all stripes, whether you're feeling casual or hardcore, looking to play the latest PC title or a tabletop (socially-distanced) classic!

Registration Information

Spring 2024 Sport Leagues

Registration for Spring 2024 leagues & events will open on Friday, January 12th.

Planned leagues/events will include:

  • 5v5 Basketball.
  • 8v8 Outdoor Soccer.
  • 7v7 Flag Football.
  • 6v6 Indoor Volleyball.
  • 6v6 Dodgeball.
  • 10v10 Kickball - Sunday league.
  • Pickleball doubles
  • Special 1Day Tournaments throughout the term.

View the semester sports leagues in IMLeagues.

Team Online Registration Instructions

Join or Create a Team or sign up for a singles/doubles event when you:

  1. Log in to IM Leagues using your Tulane email address and password.
  2. Complete your demographic information if prompted.
  3. Find a League you're interested in playing in and Register/Sign Up by creating a team or joining an existing one.
  4. If you created a team in Step 3, you will be prompted to pay the $50 IM Deposit using your credit card (Deposits are refunded at the end of the term for teams that do not forfeit any games).
  5. Click Team Options and Invite Members to invite your friends to join your new team.

View a step-by-step IMLeagues registration guide.

Team Captains, please use the free agent feature on IMLeagues if your team is seeking additional players.

Please note that:

  • Steps 1 and 2 can be completed ahead of registration opening.
  • Playoffs: Divisions are combined for the playoffs. That means all teams will likely play playoff games on days that they do not select for the regular season. We attempt to schedule those games late at night after classes conclude or on the weekends.
Free Agent Registration Instructions

Free agents are individuals not on a team but interested in playing Intramural Sports. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you’d like. You will be visible to all site members and can request to join teams or post information about yourself so groups can request to add you to their team. Team captains can view and request free agents to join their team anytime.

List yourself when you:

  1. Log in to IM Leagues using your Tulane email address and password.
  2. Complete your demographic information if prompted.
  3. Find a League you're interested in playing in and use the Register/Sign Up dropdown option to select "Free Agent."

View a step-by-step Free Agent IMLeagues registration guide.

Please note: 

  • Each activity has certain eligibility guidelines regarding the number of leagues you can play in.
  • Once picked up as a Free Agent, if your eligibility is being used, remove yourself from the Free Agent list.
  • Consult the Participant Handbook or Sport-Specific rule books for more.

Resources & Information

Schedules & Standings in IMLeagues

Intramural Sports schedules can be viewed by going to your IMLeagues account.

Please note:

  • Schedules are subject to change. Check them weekly.
  • Due to the various parades, festivals, and Mardi Gras celebrations taking place in New Orleans, Spring term Sunday leagues (Cabbageball, 3v3 Soccer, and Dodgeball) start later in the term than weeknight leagues.
  • Not able to make a scheduled game? Captains can fill out the Default Request Form (at least 24 hours before your game, or by 4 p.m. Friday for weekend games) to avoid being assessed a forfeit.
  • Intramural Sports makes cancellation decisions on a game by game basis. Always plan on showing up to the field of play unless we specifically inform you that there will not be a game. The main intramural sports field is a turf field, therefore the majority of games will proceed as scheduled unless there is lightning in the immediate area.

" The fun, lighthearted environment is enjoyable. I like to play a fun soccer game with people who take the game seriously but mostly are just trying to have a good time. "

— End-of-Year Participant Survey Response

" I enjoy getting to play sports again and having something that gets me to the gym to work out. "

— End-of-Year Participant Survey Response

" My favorite thing about [intramural sports] is the ability to play competitively with my friends. "

— End-of-Year Participant Survey Response