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Employee Health Improvement Program

The Department of Campus Recreation, in partnership with TU Wellness, is excited to be offering an opportunity for the employees of Tulane University to reduce health risk factors and improve overall health through a comprehensive health improvement program that addresses the health risks prevalent in the Tulane University workforce. The first session will begin in April 22, 2019, with info sessions occurring the week of April 15, 2019.

All faculty and staff wishing to participate in the Tulane Faculty/Staff Health Improvement Program will be required to complete the online program application.

Registration for April 2019 program here.

For each round of the 10-week program, all applicants will be entered into a lottery, from which 50 participants total will be chosen for the program. The program will be offered at no cost to participants, if chosen.

The participants will be required to complete the following:

  • 10 week program
  • Attend assigned information session prior to beginning of classes. These information sessions will give participants the complete overview of the program, what to expect, what to bring for each class, etc.

  • Pre and Post program completion of fitness assessment and health metrics conducted by program personal trainers

  • Daily tracking of food and activity through workout log book (provided)

  • 3 training days (classes) per week (total of 30 classes over 10 week program)

  • Attend no less than 27 training classes throughout the full 10 week program

  • Attend 2 of 6 different nutrition class options. Everyone will be invited and encouraged to attend all, but will only be required to attend 2. These classes will cover topics such as:

    • Healthy Cooking Clinic 

    • Diet Myths

    • Shop Smart – Get the Facts on Food Labels

    • Eating Healthy on the go

    • Eating Healthy on a Budget


For more information please contact Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, Hannah Stiller, at or 504-314-2864