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Outdoor Adventures Resources

The outdoors is still open.

Things are weird right now. While nearly every facet of our everyday lives has been disrupted, experts still agree that you can safely go outside to get some exercise. We hope that you'll use this resource page and our Outdoor Adventures blog to stay informed, motivated, and inspired. Now's the time to work on the basics-- your knots, navigation, and even your outdoor reading list. Wherever you are, let us know what you want to learn and we'll get some info up ASAP. We can't wait to see you use some of your new skills on an Outdoor Adventures trip next semester. 

How to read a topography map

Topography Map

How to fix a flat on your bike

Close up on a flattened bike tire

How to build a fire

Beachside campfire

Five essential canoe paddling strokes

Close up of canoe paddle mid stroke


Learn to tie a bowline

Photo diagram of how to tie a bowline knot

Louisiana Plant Identification
Close up of Louisiana Plant