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The Reily Student Recreation Center is first and foremost, a location for students to recreate, work and grow. Administered by Tulane's Department of Campus Recreation, we operate differently than a private gym in the following ways:

  • We periodically close and have altered hours of operation due to University sporting events, holiday breaks, and necessary maintenance projects that must be completed outside of the semester terms.
  • We periodically host tournaments and special events that will impact the availability of certain spaces in the facility.
  • We regularly reserve space for varsity athletics programs, club sports, and intramural sports.
  • Most positions in the building are staffed by Tulane students. We are dedicated to providing a safe and positive work environment that prepares these individuals for life after Tulane. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Facility Access

  • For the safety and security of our members, you must have your Splash Card or Key Tag to access the facility. Individuals using a key tag must have a photo in our system or present a second form of photo identification for each entry. We will allow you one exception per semester if you can provide another form of identification. Subsequent occurrences of a forgotten Splash Card or Key Tag will require the purchase of a daily pass with membership verification. Lax security leads to an overcrowded gym and increased occurrences of theft and undesirable behavior. We take security seriously to ensure a positive experience for paying members.

Lost Splash Cards can be replaced in the Card Services office. Lost Key Tags can be replaced at the Member Services desk for $5.

Note: Member Services will no longer accept cash during any sales transactions. 

Membership Categories:

Assessed Students

  • Individuals who have been assessed a Recreation Center Fee on their tuition bill upon enrolling for the current semester have automatic access. Assessment criteria vary by school. To check your status, click here.  You will find various hyperlinks linking to PDFs of tuition fee tables based on your student status (full-time undergraduate, graduate, SoPA, etc).  Select the table specific to you to view fees.

Voluntary Students

  • Tulane students who are not automatically assessed a Recreation Center Fee as part of their tuition bill but choose to purchase a membership.

Semester | Summer | Half Summer Purchase Online
Primary Member $210| $130 | $65
Additional Members(s) $150| $94 | $60 per person

Faculty & Staff
Current Tulane employees with a Tulane Splash Card and individuals receiving medical disability benefits from the University. Individuals who work for Tulane University and have an active Tulane Splash card and individuals who received a degree or certificate 50 or more years ago from Tulane, a faculty member with Emeritus status conferred by the university, or a former Tulane staff member with 25 years or more of service to the university.

Monthly Auto Renewal Purchase Online
Primary Member $40
Additional Member(s) $20 per person

Individuals registered with Alumni Affairs as having received a degree or two‐year certificate from Tulane. Alumni status will be verified at the time of purchase.

Monthly Auto Renewal
Primary Member $77
Additional Member(s) $31 per person

Individuals who received a degree or certificate 50 or more year ago from Tulane, a faculty member with Emeritus status conferred by the university, or a former Tulane staff member with 25 years or more of service to the university. 

Monthly Auto Renewal
Primary Member $14
Additional Member(s) $12 per person

Membership Structure
Primary Member Individual membership
Additional Member(s) Up to 5 Adults, age 15 or older
Emeritus members may have up to 1 additional member

Eligibility Criteria
Primary and additional members within a household must meet two of the following criteria and provide proof of eligibility when purchasing or renewing membership:

  • Shared Residence AND
  • Same Last Name or Financial Codependency

Acceptable forms of documentation include a state-issued ID, utility bill, shared lease or mortgage, school records, and joint checking or savings account.

Additional Members may only be added once a Primary Membership is purchased. Those under the age of 15 be added to a household free of charge.