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Emergency alert!

Due to inclement weather and for the safety of our students and staff, the Reily Center is closed until further notice.


General Policies

Assumption of Risk

  • Participation is at your own risk
Age Restrictions

  • Children age 8 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Children age 9-14 may use the following areas when the child remains within the adult's line of vision:
    • Atrium
    • 2nd Floor Racquetball Courts
    • Gymnasiums
    • Pool
    • Track
  • Children age 14 and under may not use the weight room or any exercise equipment
  • Children age 15 and older may utilize all areas in the facility independently
  • Children are not permitted in the locker room of the opposite sex. Three all gender Private Restrooms and Showers are accessible from the atrium.
Food and Beverage

  • Food is only permitted in the atrium
  • Gum is prohibited in all areas of the facility, including outdoor spaces
  • Non-breakable, closed top beverage containers are permitted
Tobacco, Alcohol and Illegal Substances

  • Use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances is prohibited
  • Participants may not use the facility or participate in programs under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Attire and Footwear

  • Appropriate athletic attire is required
  • Shirts covering the sides, torso, and midriff must be worn throughout the facility with the exception of pool areas and locker rooms
  • Appropriate swim attire must be worn in the pools
  • Closed-toe athletic shoes are required throughout the facility with the exception of pool areas and locker rooms
  • Non-marking shoes are required on playing surfaces
  • Cleats, flip flops, sandals, socks and bare feet are prohibited
  • Metal spikes are prohibited
Photography and Videography

  • Photographs and video without the individual’s permission are prohibited
  • Photography & videography for academic or commercial purposes require prior approval from the Associate Director of Facilities
  • Media Request Form

  • Respect the facilities and the rights of other users
  • Comply with all instructions given by Campus Recreation staff
  • Disorderly conduct including excessive noise, use of profane language, verbal/physical abuse or harassment is cause for immediate removal from the facility and possible loss of membership privileges
  • Wipe down equipment used with provided disinfectant
  • Return all used equipment to its proper location
  • Use equipment only for its designed purpose
  • Report any maintenance concerns to the Member Services Desk
  • Use headphones when listening to music
  • Limit cell phone use in exercise areas
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in locker rooms
  • Practice good hygiene and be mindful of strong odors, perfumes or colognes that may impact the health and ability of other patrons to exercise comfortably
  • No pets other than service animals are allowed in the facility or on playing fields
  • Only Campus Recreation employed Personal Trainers are permitted to train in the facility
Personal Items

  • Personal items must be stored in a locker
  • Bags are prohibited in exercise areas
Lost & Found

  • The Department of Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Found items should be turned in at the Member Services desk
  • Lost items must be retrieved in person at the Member Services desk
  • Inquiries regarding lost items may not be done over the phone
  • Unclaimed items will be discarded after 30 days
Refund Requests & Cancellations

  • Refund Requests and Cancellations must be submitted online through the Cancellation & Refund Request Form.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to take up to 30 days for processing refunds.
  • Cancellations will only be valid when requested by the member incurring the deductions.
  • Refunds are not issued for the following items:
    • Assessed Student Membership Fees
    • Semester Membership Fees (except for those requested before the end of the day of purchase)
    • Guest Passes
    • Cycling or Yoga/Pilates Passes

Member & Guest Policies

Membership Categories

Assessed Students- individuals who are assessed a recreation fee as part of their tuition bill upon enrolling for the current semester. Assessment criteria varies by school. Check your status by viewing your tuition statement.

Voluntary Students-Tulane students who are not automatically assessed a recreation fee as part of their tuition bill but choose to purchase a membership.

Faculty & Staff-current Tulane employees including Tulane Medical Center Staff and individuals receiving medical disability benefits from the university.

Alumni- individuals registered with Alumni Affairs as having received a degree or two‐year certificate from Tulane. Alumni status will be verified with the Alumni Affairs office.

Emeritus- Tulane alumni who received a degree or certificate 50 or more years ago, faculty members with official Emeritus status, and staff members with 25 or more years of service to the university.  Eligibility must be confirmed by the Alumni Office or Workforce Management.

Community-individuals who are not affiliated with Tulane University

Pass Categories

  • These pass holders may not sponsor guests or self-sponsor
  • These pass holders are not entitled to member rates for programs
  • These passes are non‐refundable and non‐transferable

Early Bird Pass- a limited‐entry 10 visit pass which grants holder access to the Reily Center prior to 1 pm on weekdays, anytime on weekends, and any time during holiday breaks. Passes purchased after January 2, 2017 expire two years from the date of purchase.

Silver Sneakers Pass- individuals with eligible health insurance plans for Silver Sneakers membership coverage. Participants must present their insurance card during registration.

Membership Types

Primary Member-an individual membership in one of the aforementioned Membership categories

Additional Member(s)-only available as an add-on to Primary Member

  • Primary Members may add up to five Additional Members to their account when the following criteria is met:
  • Same last name AND
  • Same Address (proof through checking, utility bill, or state ID) OR
  • Financial co‐dependency (joint checking or savings, shared lease, or mortgage)
Member Access

  • All members are required to present a valid Tulane ID or Reily Membership key tag to access the facility
  • Individuals using a key tag must have a photo in our system or present a second form of photo identification for each entry
  • Patrons who forgot their ID or key tag will be allowed access once per semester if they can provide another form of photo identification to verify active membership status.
      • Subsequent forgotten ID will require purchase of a daily pass with membership verification.
      • Lost Tulane IDs must be replaced through the Tulane Card Service Office
      • Lost Reily Keytags will be replaced once free of charge. After that there is a $5 charge to receive a new Keytag, which must be replaced through the Reily Member Service desk.
Guest Policies

  • Reily Members may sponsor up to two guests per day, including children
    • Pass holders and self-sponsoring individuals may not sponsor guests
  • Guest Pass Fees:
    • Adult $10
    • Child (14 and under) $5
  • Tulane faculty, staff, students and alumni with appropriate identification may self-sponsor. Faculty, staff and students must present a splash card. Alumni status will be verified at the time of purchase.
  • Guests are required to present a valid photo ID and purchase a guest pass from the Member Services desk
  • Sponsoring Members must remain with their guests for the duration of their visit and are responsible for the conduct of their guests
  • Soliciting patrons to gain access to the facility is prohibited
  • Children without proof of family membership will be charged a child guest fee
  • Members may bring in children of other members, in addition to their own, with verification of family's membership
  • Guest Passes are valid for one entry and include a towel
  • The Reily Center reserves the right to refuse admittance to any guest

Area Specific Policies

Weight Room and Cardio Area Policies

  1. Cardiovascular equipment is limited to 30 minutes per machine, per patron.
  2. To avoid congestion and waiting lines, we request that patrons limit their time to 15 minute intervals per each circuit or individual piece of equipment.
  3. Collars must be used with all bars in the free weight lifting area.
  4. Weights must not be slammed or intentionally dropped to the floor.
  5. Chalk is prohibited.
Gymnasium Policies

  1. Dunking or hanging on basketball nets or rims is not permitted.
  2. The volleyball and badminton systems must be set‐up or taken down by Campus Recreation staff only
Natatorium and Social Pool Policies

  1. Running and rough play is prohibited.
  2. No diving in shallow end side of the bulkhead.
  3. Masks, fins, and snorkels may be used in the lap pool area only. No scuba equipment is allowed unless it is used for a supervised Reily course. Masks must have shatterproof tempered glass face plates.
  4. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  5. Appropriate swim attire must be worn in the pool.
  6. No horseplay in or around the pool.
  7. All children 14 and under must be directly supervised by an adult.
  8. Children who require flotation devices must be accompanied by an adult in the water and within arms-reach.
  9. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper.
  10. No swimming under or walking on the bulkhead.
  11. Spitting and nose blowing in the pool are prohibited.
  12. Do not engage the lifeguard in unnecessary conversation.
  13. Starting blocks are for swim team use only.
  14. No hyperventilating before swimming underwater.
  15. The safety rules and requests made by Lifeguards must always be followed.
Diving Board Rules

  1. Diving is permitted on the one meter board only.
  2. The diving board can be opened under the condition that no one is swimming in the lanes beneath the board and a lifeguard is available to sit in the deep end stand.
  3. Look before diving or jumping to make sure the diving area is clear.
  4. Only one person is permitted on the board at a time.
  5. No inward dives, always dive away from the board.
  6. Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board.
  7. Access the diving board from the ladder only.
  8. The Lifeguard has the right to ask divers not to attempt dives that are beyond their ability.
Fitness Studios Usage Policies

  1. RIVERSIDE STUDIO is open to members when department programs are not in session
  2. Members must vacate the space upon class instructor arrival
  3. Usage is a first come first serve
  4. Members may not remove equipment from space
  5. Members may not bring other equipment into space
  6. Hand wraps/gloves must be used at all times when using Boxing Equipment (available at Front Desk)
  7. If First Aid is required, go to Front Desk immediately for assistance
  8. No amplified sound in space.  Headphones must be used.
  9. ALL OTHER FITNESS STUDIOS are reserved solely for Campus Recreation scheduled programs. 
Cycling Policies

  1. Only current Reily Members who are Cycling Pass holders are eligible to participate
  2. Participants must be present five minutes prior to class start.
  3. No admission to cycling class after the designated start time
  4. Please raise handlebars and seat post to highest position after each use
  5. Report any maintenance issues to the class instructor
Equipment Rental Policies

  1. A Splash Card or Key Tag is required for equipment rental
  2. There will be a fee for damaged or unreturned equipment.
Racquetball, Squash, and Tennis Court Reservation Policies

  1. Reservations are for one‐hour periods beginning on the hour.
  2. Reservations must be made at least one hour in advance.
  3. Reservations can only be made for the current day or one day in advance.
  4. Reservations can be made online, in person at the Member Services Desk, or by calling 865‐5242. ***Online Court Reservations***
  5. Courts may not be reserved for back‐to‐back hours by playing partners.
  6. Patrons may only reserve one court per activity type per day.
  7. Patrons must provide a name and Splash card or key tag.
  8. Court reservations are held for ten minutes past reservation time. After 10 minutes reservations are forfeited.
  9. Children 14 and under  may not make court reservations or use the courts without adult supervision.
  10. A dust mop is available outside of all indoor courts and patrons wishing to sweep their courts prior to play may do so.
  11. All patrons accessing the tennis courts must have an active membership and swipe in to the facility.  To gain access to the courts, patrons must check out a gate access card at the Front Desk Equipment Checkout.
  12. If the rented gate access card is not returned within the same day, a $50 replacement fee will be required of the renter and must be paid before utilizing the facility again.
  13. Private tennis lessons are not permitted.

Service & Program Policies

Locker & Towel Service

  1. Daily-Use, Self-Service keypad lockers are available at no charge but must be cleared by the end of the day. All items are removed from daily-use lockers at the end of the day. These items will be placed in lost and found.
  2. Long-term lockers with towel service are available for a fee at the Member Services Desk.
  3. All lockers are subject to inspection at Reily Staff discretion.
  4. The Reily Center reserves the right to clean out expired lockers.
  5. These items will be discarded 30 days after the expiration date.
  6. Towels are available for daily use rental at the Member Services Desk for $3.00 per towel.
  7. Towels must be returned to the towel bins in locker areas.
  8. Towel service may be purchased separately and includes one towel per patron.
  9. Patrons may exchange a used towel for a fresh towel.

Reservation & Rental Policies

Quad/Field Usage & Reservations

  1. All outdoor facilities require reservations for use.
  2. Quad Reservation Forms are available online at Field Request Form.
  3. All users must be Reily Center Members or Tulane organizations, and may be asked to show proof of membership.
  4. Completed reservation forms (including online submissions) must be submitted to the Department at least two weeks prior to the event. Reservations are not confirmed until a copy is signed by the organization adviser and a confirmation email is received. All required steps identified in the confirmation email must be completed before the reservation is finalized.
  5. Pick up all trash and leave the outdoor facilities as found.
  6. Brown Quad is a synthetic turf field therefore the following items are strictly prohibited:
        a. stalking or digging
        b. cleats
        c. glass containers
        d. food or plastic utensils
        e. chewing gum
        f. all forms of tobacco (this is a tobacco-free campus)
Facility Reservation Procedures

Reservation Request Procedures

  1. All requests must be submitted using the online form here. Requests not submitted through the online system will not be processed.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation stating that the request has been successfully submitted. This does not confirm that the space has been reserved.
  3. A professional staff member from the Department of Campus Recreation will review your request and respond within 3 business days.
  4. All requests must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the start of the event.
  5. If your facility reservation request is approved, all necessary supporting documents and payment must be submitted 48 hours prior to the event. An administrative fee must be paid to confirm the reservation. This fee is separate from any rental charges.
        a. 0 – 50 people: $0 (affiliate groups), $25 (non-affiliate groups)
        b. 50 – 100 people: $100
        c. 100 – 200 people: $200
        d. 200+ people: $300
General Policies
  1. Requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received.
  2. Reservations can only be scheduled during normal hours of operation.
  3. All groups should have one designated representative as the point of contact for the reservation request.
  4. Requests are processed on a semester-by-semester basis. Requests submitted for future semesters will not be processed until a month prior to that semester. The Department of Campus Recreation’s internal programming needs are prioritized first in our spaces.
  5. The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to deny any request based on the type of request, hours requested, capacity needs, unusual needs, and any other type of event that does not meet our mission and values.
  6. Use of any facility may be subject to a rental fee based on your needs and type of request. Rates are established to ensure that internal and external groups are contributing an appropriate amount to pay for services offered. Fees are reviewed annually.
  7. Groups with an outstanding balance or in poor standing with the Department or University will not be allowed to reserve facility space.
  8. Spaces can only be reserved by groups, not for individual use.
  9. Spaces cannot be reserved for birthday parties.
Affiliate Groups
  1. An affiliate group is defined as the following:
        a. Recognized student organizations
        b. University departments
  2. If the group is taking an entire space offline from open recreation or bringing in non-affiliates, charges will be incurred.
  3. If the affiliate group has a revenue generating interest, charges will be incurred.
  4. A quote will be provided based on the requested needs of the event. All paperwork and payment must be reviewed, signed, and submitted to the Department of Campus Recreation at least 2 business days in advance.
Non-Affiliate Groups
  1. Any group outside of the Tulane Community, or a Tulane group sponsoring non-affiliates, does not fall into our Affiliate Group category is considered a non-affiliate entity.
  2. The following documents are required to be reviewed, signed, and submitted to the Department of Campus Recreation:
        a.Facility Rental Agreement
        b.Facility Rental Addendum
        c.Certificate of Insurance (naming The Administration of the Tulane Educational Fund as the certificate holder)
  3. All documents, rosters of participants, and payment must be submitted at least 2 business days in advance to secure the space.
Event Equipment
  1. Equipment available to rent for an event:
        a. Chairs
        b. Tables
        c. Stanchions
        d. Projector and Screen
        e. Scoreboards – flip or digital
        f. Volleyball Systems –nets, poles, padding (optional, please specifically request if needed)
        g. Badminton Systems – nets, poles
        h. Cones
  2. If equipment is not returned in its original condition, charges will be incurred.
Staffing Requirements
  1. The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to determine proper staffing levels for events and the right to assess additional charges.
  2. Additional event staff may include:
        a. Building Managers
        b. Lifeguards
        c. Sodexo staff
        d. Professional staff
  3. If an event is hosting at least 250 people, TU PD officers may be required on-site during the entire event for the safety and security of others.
        a.Depending on the nature of the event, additional officers may be needed.
Event Participants and Spectators
  1. If the event requires facility access to non-members, a roster of participants must be provided for the front desk staff.
  2. Spectators are allowed to view an event at no charge but must receive a stamp at the front desk. This stamp will identify spectators from regular patrons to show they are here for the event only.
  3. Participants and spectators must stay in their reserved space only. Usage of equipment or other spaces in the facility is not permitted.
  4. All participants and spectators must comply with the Department’s overall facility policies (here) and behavior policies (here). Violation of these policies may result in removal from the facility and denial of future rental requests.
Cancellation Policy
  1. Reservation cancellations, without penalty, must be submitted at least 2 business days before the event. A refund will not be issued if the event is requested to be cancelled less than 2 business days.
  2. A refund will be issued if an event is cancelled by the Department of Campus Recreation due to an unexpected facility closure, act of severe weather, or unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Administration fees are non-refundable.
Setup, Decorations, Cleanup
  1. If setup is required before your event or cleanup, it should be included in the time frame requested on the reservation form.
  2. No decorations or signage for an event should be adhered to a surface of the Department’s property.
  3. If the event requires a designated staff member, they will assist with setup and breakdown of facility equipment provided by the Department of Campus Recreation.
  4. All rental groups are responsible for cleaning up after the event and leaving the space how it originally looked. Any issues with this could result in additional charges or denial of future requests.
Food Service
  1. Olive Blue Catering has exclusive catering rights for all Recognized Student Organization (RSO), university department, and community individual/group events. To arrange catering for your event, contact Olive Blue at 504-865-5254 or
  2. Any food in the facility must be served in the atrium or outside on the concrete deck. Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in workout areas or gym spaces.
  1. “Fronting” is defined as Tulane faculty, staff, departments, and student organizations reserving a facility on behalf of a non-affiliate group. This is prohibited by all of Tulane University.
  2. Tulane constituents are prohibited from reserving a facility under the guise that the reservation is for the primary benefit of a Tulane entity. The request will be denied if the Department deduces the reservation request is fronting for a non-affiliate group.
  3. The full policy can be found here under Article III.
  1. All vehicles parked on Tulane’s Uptown campus between the hours of 8am and 5:30pm, Monday – Friday, must display a University Parking Permit or park in a metered spot. Metered spaces are located on the Ground Level of the Diboll Garage (located across the street from Reily) and additional spaces are on the first level in the Diboll Garage. Visitors pay according to their space numbers.
  2. The Diboll Parking Garage is available for free parking after 5:30pm Monday – Friday and anytime on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. To obtain a visitor parking pass or arrange parking for an event, contact Parking Services at 504-865-5424.
  1. Materials may not be stored in the Reily Center.
  2. The Department is not liable for any lost, theft, or damage to personal or organizational property.
  1. Usage of the sound systems in Lakeside and Riverside Studios is not permitted.
  2. Please view the Amplified Sound Policy for outdoor requests here.
  3. For indoor requests, any sound amplification must be kept at a courteous level. Clean and edited music is encouraged.
  1. Any misuse of the facility or resources may result in a fee or ineligibility to make future requests.
  2. Damages will be assessed and documented after the event by Campus Recreation staff. The amount of damage caused will determine what the reservation group owes the Department.
  3. Groups may face further consequences for severe or intentional damage, including cancellation of the reservation prior to conclusion.